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We are really happy to have found cut-e as our new provider and partner for our Vodafone feedback projects.

We really appreciate cut-e's excellent technology, psychological know-how, flexibility as well as the proactive and reliable project management.Pia Simionescu, Vodafone

The team at cut-e stand out in the very crowded assessment space. We found that cut-e truly partner and co-create but also challenge us in the right way. The work we have done together to identify the most customer obsessed front line colleagues is a strong proof point.Catalina Schveninger, Global Head of Resourcing and Employer Brand- Vodafone UK

We chose to work with cut-e because of its strength in objective assessment as well as its innovation with, and use of, technology. But we also wanted a partner which would support and guide us as we designed this new process.

cut-e built a powerful analytics dashboard for us, allowing us to see in real-time and at every step of the campaign, the numbers of those applying to us. It was of interest and relevance to us in HR but the ability to see this data visually was extremely useful as a communication tool with in-house people, such as engineers and those used to more technical information. They want to see data and  be able to analyse this and now, with our talent analytics, they can.Rebeca Navarro, Head of Talent, Training and Diversity at Vodafone Spain

  • Better selection decisions
  • Efficient 360 degree feedback
  • Effective pre-selection
  • Graduate Selection
  • Specifying job requirements
  • Trainee and Apprentice Selection
Detaily projektu:

in Ireland: Assessment for suitability for specialised roles in Sales / IT / Customer Service

in Romania: Yearly over 1500 candidates are tested with a customised test battery, measuring 'customer obsession' and other critical performance predictors.

in the UK: Large volume assessement for retail advisors, management, head office teams, call centre agents and team leaders. several custom SJQs, custom reporting, internal assessment questionnaires, paperless assessment centres, helping young people find a career path and assessing their digital skills and suitability for jobs

Je klientem v:
Irsko, Rumunsko, Velká Británie, Španělsko
Průmyslové odvětví:
Technologie a telekomunikace

Zapojení správného talentu do hry

Rebeca Navarro ze společnosti Vodafone ve Španělsku vysvětlila, jak ve společnosti podpořili značku zaměstnavatele tím, že do procesu začlenili novou hru, která přiláká mladé kandidáty a zapojí správný talent - a jak využívá "manažerský kontrolní panel" - talent analytics k řízení talentu.

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